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Cardinal Bernard William Griffin

Cardinal Bernard William Griffin
posted on 11 January 2005

Bernard GriffinBorn Birmingham, 21st February 1899. Educated Cotton College, Oscott, the Venerable English College and the Beda. He was ordained in 1924 and 3 years later became Secretary for 10 years to the Archbishops of Birmingham. He was Chancellor of the Diocese at 30 and a notable Administrator of its charitable homes.

In 1938 he was made Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham and during the War period succeeded Hinsley as Archbishop of Westminster (1943). Three years later at the age of 47 he was created Cardinal.

His links with social welfare helped him deal with the new post-war Labour Government as it carried out sweeping and widespread social reforms. He journeyed frequently abroad on Church affairs until stricken by illness that hampered his last years.

He died on 20 August 1956, at the age of 57.

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