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Popes tiarra TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS Traditional Latin Roman Rite THE TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS has for centuries been celebrated in this way throughout the world. THE TRADITIONAL MOVEMENT • PRESERVATION of the ancient Roman rite of Mass in the form in which it has been celebrated for centuries throughout the world. • RESPECT for the Church's sacred traditions as a vital link with the traditional Faith regarding the nature of the Mass, and as a secure anchor and guarantee that we do not drift away from that Faith. • NO COMPROMISE with the spirit of the world or adaptation of the Mass to the lifestyle of our desacralised age. • RESTORATION of a sacred atmosphere where God comes first and in which we give Him the worship that is due to Him. • APPRECIATION of the Church's treasury of sacred music especially Gregorian Chant and Sacred Polyphony. • PROMOTION of the use of Latin, the Church's own language, in her worship, teaching and administration. • PROTECTION of our altars from destruction and our sanctuaries from being re-ordered, none of which was authorised by the Second Vatican Council. THE NEED FOR REVERENCE "Holy things must be treated in a holy way" (The Council of Trent) • beauty, dignity, silence, reverence in the Mass? • a chance to participate in the Holy Sacrifice in the way of our ancestors in the Faith? • a sense of awe and mystery in worship? • ample room for recollection and private prayer? • A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE The traditional Latin Mass is now the only form of Mass available to us in which all these qualities abound, and where every word spoken, every gesture performed by the priest as he offers the Divine Victim to the Heavenly Father is perfectly attuned to this supreme act of worship. PASTORAL ADVANTAGES According to Christian Tradition, reverence is fundamental to worship as it increases a sense of the sacred and allows us to 'see' the eternal and the supernatural. Cardinal Newman said that anyone who does not fear and revere has not known the reality of God. It is also true that reverence for the traditional form of worship and fear of abandoning it are fundamental to the continuity of the Faith. "Lex orandi, lex credendi" (As we believe, so we pray) sums up the Church's centuries-old wisdom. This is the tried and tested method which has inspired countless saints and martyrs, fostered devotion to the Mass among successive generations of the faithful, increased vocations to the priesthood religious life, and attract converts . HOW DO I RECOGNISE THE TRADITIONAL ROMAN RITE OF MASS? The great majority of Catholics today would not even recognise, still less know how to participate in, the Mass of the Roman rite as it was celebrated for centuries all over the world. Many have simply forgotten it, and if brought face to face with the Mass of their childhood would look with uncomprehending eyes at the celebration of mysteries which have slipped from their consciousness. Even larger numbers of Catholics have never heard of the following basic tenets of the Catholic faith with which devout people of all times, including children, were familiar and which are conspicuously evident in the prayers and rubrics of the traditional Roman Mass. From the moment the priest enters the sanctuary, correctly vested to celebrate Mass, and declares his intention to offer sacrifice with the immortal words Introibo ad altare Dei ('I will go unto the altar of God'), you know you are present at one of the oldest and most venerable rites of Mass in the Catholic Church. In the old rite the Church sets forth in a fully explicit way her doctrine of the Communion of Saints by which we are united in a bond of fellowship with all the faithful living and dead. The doctrine of the intercession of Our Lady and the Saints whose merits can win grace for our souls is given frequent prominence in the Ordinary and the Propers of the traditional Latin Mass. The Offertory prayers are now unique in the Church for their doctrinal richness and the outstanding beauty of their composition. They speak with immense veneration of the bread and wine even before Consecration, using expressly sacrificial terminology of great rhetorical beauty. This is an important spiritual preparation for the moment of Consecration and has been handed on to us as a precious heritage of Catholic piety through the centuries. THE CONSECRATION The Consecration is the culminating point of the Mass towards which everything converges. The Church teaches that the words 'Mystery of Faith' in the Consecration formula are meant in the traditional sense that the bread and wine have become truly, really, substantially the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, and that this change is brought about by the power of God only through the intermediary of a priest when he pronounces the words of Consecration. The rubrics of the old rite, reflecting the Catholic instinct towards the Real Presence, require that the priest genuflect immediately after bringing about this unique miracle. It is because of the supremely sacred nature of this Sacrifice that it is celebrated with solemnity and devout veneration. All the words and gestures of the priest are meticulously regulated by the rubrics, which include multiple genuflections, to ensure the greatest possible reverence in worship. The old rite omits nothing that may serve to remind us that the Sacrifice of the Mass is the Sacrifice on Calvary mystically re-enacted on the altar. Hence the many Signs of the Cross made over the Sacred Species and the orientation of the priest towards the altar of Sacrifice. The essence of the Mass is the offering of the Divine Victim to God through the intermediary of a priest acting in the person of Christ. It is a fitting and very powerful symbol of Sacrifice that all participants in the Mass face the same way, that is towards the Lord, as was the practice of the Universal Church from earlier times.



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ELEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST Saturday August 3, 2013 Sancti Regularium Canonicorum Agustini A equitatem servare in veritatem Diligire et Spes hominem Inducere In the Epistle on Sunday, St. Paul tells us: I remind you, brethren, the gospel which I preached to you, which you received, in which you stand, by which also you are saved, if you hold it what you preached. If not, would have believed in vain first is through baptism that man receives spiritual ear and the word of faith, which prepares for evangelical preaching. Prior Baptism were deaf, could not talk to God in prayer because we had faith we could not hear the voice of God. But by Baptism we become children of God, we receive sanctifying grace. I remind you, brethren, the gospel which I preached to you, which you received, in which you stand, by which also you are saved, if you hold it what you preached. If not, have believed in vain! *** Paul also warned the Corinthians against those who denied the resurrection of Christ and urges them to persevere in the faith they have received, and to live in accordance with it. Learning to persevere firmly in the Catholic faith, which is the same as Paul preached. *** The beautiful example of humility that the Apostle gives us because of the sins he had committed before his conversion, calling himself one born out of time, the least of the apostles, and not worthy to be called an apostle, although they had worked hard to serve Christ. He attributes to the grace of God he was and what was then. Thus speaks truly humble man: he sees in it nothing but weakness, sin and evil, and therefore despises himself therefore is willing to be despised by others. The good that professes or practices, attributes it to God, to whom we owe all honor. *** No member of the most dangerous and pernicious than the tongue. Language, says the Apostle James, is indeed a little member and boasts great things. See how a little fire kindles the great forest. 's tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is placed among our members as that which defiles the entire body, and fire the course of our birth, that ignited the fire of hell. (. Santiago III, 5-6.). The tongue can no man tame: a restless evil, full of deadly poison. By it we bless God the Father, and therewith curse we men, which are made ​​in the likeness of God. From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. (Ibid. III. 8-10.) No country, no city, where there is a house, in which the gossips have not caused disputes and conflicts, discord and enmity, envy and slander, seduction and debauchery. A wicked tongue insult to God and his saints, corrupts the divine word, makes an intemperate, unchaste, creating envious and malevolent, in a word, according to the apostle a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue of the serpent beguiled our first parents, and brought misery and death worldwide. (Gen. III.) The language of Judas betrayed Jesus. (Matthew XXVI. 49.) And what is the main cause of the war between peoples, revolts among nations, if not the language of men ambitious, restless, seeking their fortune in war and revolution? How many, in short, have not immersed themselves in abject poverty through their language to be vigilant? How can we control ourselves this dangerous enemy within? Just be careful not to rush to speak according as St. John reminds us, (I. 19). Speaking very little, wisely and considering everything. This not offend, and we will become perfect. (John III. 2. :) As this can not happen without a special grace of God, we have to "beg the divine assistance" (St. Augustine) Do not forget what the Word of the Savior in the Gospel sick: your ears open, his tongue loose. The deaf hears the voice of her Divine Physician and the mute speak with an ease that surprises and enchants all witnessed this great miracle, to the point that Jesus commanded that no one counted. But the more he charged them, the more they proclaimed it. And they marveled greatly and said "Everything has been good, he makes the deaf hear and the mute speak." The admiration and gratitude to the crowd tear an apology noble and beautiful of the Redeemer, as opposed to the murmurs and slanders of the Pharisees: He has done all things well ... This praise is a wonderful praise, worthy only of God . Bene omnia fecit ... admirable praise! We must remember and repeat it often. God is infinitely wise, infinitely good and infinitely powerful: Bene omnia fecit ... After the Creed, we recite the prayer of the Offertory: I will praise you, Lord, for I cry to You and You have healed me. Yes!, Lord, You have done and do well all things ... CRSA p.Giovann

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Drops of the Soul ... Inhabiting the Mystery Our Lady of Mount Carmel July 16, 2013 With God everything is different? "The Virgin Santísiam is compared with the aurora in the 'Song of Songs' because it is the beginning of a new creation:' Who is this that appears like the dawn? ' (CT.6, 10). With her immaculate conception, human history restarts and everything is clear again: it is a matter intact, perfectly pure and docile, which is indeed the New Adam and us with Him if we allow ourselves to recreate. Because the Blessed Virgin only waiting for our good will and, finally, the unreserved gesture truly filial abandonment to wash his innocence. To us to give us his look, which is said also in the Song, which is like a lake - ' Your eyes are like pools of Heshbon " (Ct. 7.5) - a water well clear where we are detached and freed ourselves to be flooded with divine life. "In the scheme of grace, this grace of which Mary is filled and dispensed at the mercy of her maternal love-the reward is given by merit, wealth and happiness are lavished before the test. These are the divine proper procedures. Men are incapable of this liberality because they are not good sources, but depositors fearful and fainthearted. Both in the education of our children and in our trade and our justice, we first put the conditions and the threat of sanctions, do not remember the price but after getting the job, in exchange for services or warranties. "But with God everything is different. From the moment that the sinner appeals to God, receive exactly what is priceless: Blood heritage and dignity divine son. Their heart is freed by the victory of Christ, is filled This pure triumph, and then, once armed and nobility and joy, is when invited to fight when he has to bring his work and fatigue to the extent of their forces. Such is the government of the Kingdom of God, the wisdom of the Blessed Virgin, the economy of the 'House of Gold ' "God's ways are different from ours, to the point that many times we do not understand" . We dare to believe in this dignity, in this freedom offered to us, almost got to not rely on the generosity of God. We ignore their essential gifts from the moment we abuse inferior goods. And the lack of faith and trust paralyzes us. We find the strength to follow the path we intend deflected by walking, because shyness and anxiety stifle the best there is in man. "Let's turn, then, our eyes and our hearts in perfect solitude with God; recojámonos and become aware of what He gives us what He is to us. Our strength and our patience can only be strong if over and over come from a deep happiness. "Sometimes it seems that fear recognize the holiness, as if it were a material goods of which one is deprived if another has". But this is a sentiment that is based on a complete ignorance of this reality. What is given to the saints and, first, Mary, we are also given to each of us. This is necessarily so when it comes to spiritual things, since the source from which is infinite and immediate and its essence is love: those who do not receive more than withholding nothing, rather than transmitting them without reservation. "Fill of the privileges of Mary, whose fullness She offers ...

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The Conciliar Church and the One World Religion In my previous two articles that have criticized the neo-SSPX, I have pointed out that Benedict XVI has called for a “one world government” and that the Vatican has made its clerics and employees carry ID cards with an RFID chip in them, yet the Society has said nothing about it. Since Vatican II and the formation of the conciliar church, this new church has created a new religion that is not Catholic. It is the one world religion, the religion of the New World Order. I am going to write in further detail on this topic because it is very important and needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, since the Judeo-Masons infiltrated the Catholic Church, the Vatican has become a creature of the New World Order. This was the goal of these Judeo-Masons - that is, Jewish Freemasons – to destroy the Traditional Latin Mass and the true Catholic Faith itself, and to put in its place a counterfeit church that espouses the religion of the Antichrist. These sick disciples of the Antichrist thought they had succeeded, only for Archbishop Lefebvre to refuse to go along with their satanic changes and form the Society of St. Pius X, thus preserving Traditional Catholicism. Today, as we approach the 25th anniversary of the Consecrations of the Society’s four Bishops at Econe, Bishop Fellay is prepared to destroy the Archbishop’s work by handing the Society over to those who are responsible for this unprecedented crisis in the Church. Now, what is the New World Order? For those who may be unfamiliar with it, the New World Order is the opposite of the Social Kingship of Christ. It is satan’s kingdom on earth. It is the ultimate goal of the Jews, Freemasons, and Communists (who Archbishop Lefebvre listed as the Church’s three greatest enemies) to achieve this New World Order. The synagogue of satan, working with the forces of Freemasonry and Communism, has devised a master plan to destroy Christianity and to achieve this New World Order, a plan that was created many years ago. Their plan is laid out in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. The intent behind those who convened the Second Vatican Council was, I’m afraid, not good. It was malicious indeed, if one reads “The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita”, a document from the highest Masonic lodge in Italy that admitted the plot to infiltrate the Church and spread liberal and un-Catholic ideas. Paul VI was the one that was primarily responsible for ushering the New World Order into the Vatican. He made his intentions quite clear when, in 1967, he went to the United Nations – a place where no prior Pope had ever gone – and specifically called for a New World Order. And it is claimed by Fr. Malachi Martin that in 1963, about a week or so after Paul VI’s election, a satanic enthronement ceremony took place in the Vatican. This ceremony is explained in further detail in Fr. Martin’s disturbing yet credible book “Windswept House”, a book that received the support of Bishop Williamson. Other despicable acts that took place during Paul VI’s reign include him praying for 20 minutes in a New Age prayer room, giving away his Papal tierra and cross and replacing it with a bent cross that looked satanic, and adding a “Resurrection statue” in his “audience hall” that looked like something out of a horror movie. This is not to mention, of course, heretical Vatican II documents such as “Nostra Aetate” and the creation of the sacrilegious ”Novus Ordo Missae”. It really is no coincidence that this new Mass, which was created by Freemasons such as Cardinals Bugnini and Bea, was called the “Novus Ordo”. If you look on the back of the Masonic US dollar bill, the words “Novus Ordo Seclorum” can be found. That is Latin for “Secular New Order”. So now we have Benedict XVI sitting in the Chair of Peter, who is considered by some Traditionalists to be a step in the right direction, particularly due to his “Motu Proprio”. But the Motu Proprio accomplished practically nothing other than perhaps slightly increasing the number of diocesean TLMs, most of which are hybrids. It was actually nothing more than an attempt to place the TLM and NO on the same level, and more importantly, to combine the two Masses. Benedict XVI explained what his goal was in 2009, when he praised the New Ager Teilhard de Chardin and spoke of creating a “cosmic liturgy”: “The role of the priesthood is to consecrate the world so that it may become a living host, a liturgy: so that the liturgy may not be something alongside the reality of the world, but that the world itself shall become a living host, a liturgy. This is also the great vision of Teilhard de Chardin: in the end we shall achieve a true cosmic liturgy, where the cosmos becomes a living host.” (Benedict XVI, sermon, July 2009) Bishop Fellay is one of those who falls for the outrageous notion that Benedict is a “friend of Tradition”. But the facts clearly indicate that he is not. Not only has Benedict espoused numerous heresies in the past, such as speaking favorably of evolution and saying that Vatican II was a “counter-syllabus” that “corrected” the “errors” of the syllabus of Popes Pius IX and St. Pius X, but he is also a proponent of the New World Order. As I have said, he has called for a “one world government”, and his ecumenical dialogue with false religions is not only contrary to Church teaching but does nothing but promote a one world religion. This is the goal of the New World Order, to have a one world government, a one world court, and a one world church/religion. The conciliar church is a creation of the New World Order, and it undoubtedly espouses its mindset and religion, which is not Catholic. The Vatican has also, as I stated in the first paragraph, made its clerics and employees carry ID cards that contain the RFID chip – the microchip – in them. What is the big deal about that? Well, that is one step away from having the microchip implanted in your hand. This is the goal of the New World Order, to implant this chip in all people so that when the Antichrist rises out of Israel, the chip will be used as a mind-control device to force people to worship him. This chip is believed to be the “mark of the beast” referred to in the Apocalypse, which states that anyone who takes this mark shall endure eternal damnation. Here is the exact verse: “And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred and sixty-six. (Apocalypse 13: 16-18) The United States of America, under the leadership of the socialist dictator Obama, is expected to be the first nation to require its citizens to take the microchip. The illuminati intends to eventually microchip the entire world. And here we have the Vatican promoting it! It is frightening yet is the sad reality. In my opinion, someone who understands the New World Order is not going to support a “reconciliation” with Masonic Rome, because they understand that Rome has become a part of the New World Order. Accordistas tend to criticize Bishop Williamson for speaking about “conspiracy theories” and not sticking to talks about the Faith, but it is vital that someone warns people of what is happening. If people don’t like it and don’t want to hear it, that is their problem. Every Catholic needs to hear about it whether they want to or not. In fact, every person in the world needs to be aware of it. It is that vital. Bishop Fellay himself said the following in a 1999 interview: “It is not possible to demonstrate it directly, but I believe anyway that these actions, these behaviors, belong to a general plan, a plan which has been set up pretty soon, at least since the beginning of the twentieth century, perhaps even a little sooner, ziming to establish a world government with a world religion. And all that belongs to the preparation for this super-religion. In fact, it is utterly incompatible with the Catholic Religion and its Tradition…. On this point, one is obliged to discern the finger of Freemasonry, and its own work inside the Church. It is particularly significant to notice that in 1992 a Freemason of high rank could state that inside the very Vatican, four Lodges are presently working, practicing the Scottish Rite, and that these four Lodges are specially devoted to the Vatican’s clerics of high ranks. Thus the secret Brethren are working… and destroying, not uniquely from outside, but also from inside the Church itself, from its very bosom.” Bishop Fellay made similar remarks about Freemasonry inside the Vatican in a 2011 press conference. So he also believes that Freemasonry has infiltrated the Vatican, and that it is striving for a one world government and a one world religion. Why, then, does he wish to achieve a “reconciliation” with Masonic Rome? If he knows that the Vatican has become part of the “super-religion”, why does he wish to align himself and the Society with it? And why does he expel innocent priests who’s only “crime” is remaining faithful to the mission of Archbishop Lefebvre? While he certainly is not in an easy position, Bishop Fellay’s handling of this situation has been utterly pathetic. He knows that the conciliar church is a pawn of the New World Order, yet is trying to reach a deal with them anyway, which is disgraceful. Even though a deal seems unlikely at this time, the fact that he tried to ”reconcile” with people that he knows are striving to achieve a one world religion and unjustly expelled priests who disagree with him shows that he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. So in my opinion, people who defend Bishop Fellay and support a deal with Rome don’t understand or believe in the New World Order, otherwise they could not possibly support a “reconciliation”. Saying “but he’s still the Pope” simply is not logical. Whether Benedict XVI is the Pope or not, you don’t align yourself with those whose mission is to achieve the opposite of the Social Kingship of Christ. Unless Rome converts first, a deal is a compromise no matter what the Society is offered. This was undoubtedly the mindset of Archbishop Lefebvre, whose principles have been both misunderstood and completely dismissed by the neo-Traditionalists of today who hope for a “reconciliation”. If Bishop Fellay hands his Society over to an unconverted Rome, he is doing more than just handing it over to modernists. He is handing it over to the wicked New World Order and its one world religion, and consequently, is handing it over to the kingdom of satan. Whether people want to realize it or keep their heads in the sand is their choice. God Bless. 2 COMMENTS by SERVUSSPIRITUSSANCTI on JANUARY 18, 2013 • PERMALINK Posted in NEW WORLD ORDER

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To a traditional Catholic Try to understand where and what the word JEW means. Jew is a slang word given to the people of Judea by the Romans. The name came to reflect the last tribe of Israel and the Hebrew faith. Hence Israel (means God's people) Hebrew the religion and Jude-an, the last tribe. In order to understand the book of the Apocalypse you need to be aware of what the old testament teaches. Many of the quotes and symbols are contained in both testaments. Example, Isaias 49:10 is in Apoc: 7:16. This passage tells us that Christ will elevate the Sacraments to a higher level than the Ten commandments. Sort of like Baptism replacing the circumcision. The Book of the Apocalypse is not written in a chronological order as it begins with St. John witnessing the Second Coming of Christ then in the final chapter it deals with the expectation of the General Judgment. The book also deals in the past, present, future, physical and spiritual and at other times a combination of any of these conditions. Lets look at chapter 2:2.....but hast tried them who say are Apostles and are not....4. but I have this against thee, that thou hast left thy FIRST LOVE. (Heretics, apostates then and during the end times Ch. 16) back to 2:9 thou art slandered by those who are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. In this case all of the Synagogues who rejected Christianity became classified in this way. All those current pictures of the red Satan with the two horns, goat tie, tail and forked spear are all a reflection of the Hebrew faith. However the Catholic church became God's people and is referred to as the new Israel. That's one reason the doctors never thought that there would ever be another physical state of Israel or a rebirth of Jerusalem because they substituted the future tense of these prophecies in the Bible as the Church. Once the Church becomes taken over by the AntiChrists as a result of the Vatican II council. The true Church flees into the wideness. (Apoc. 12) and the new church now becomes symbolic with the phrase of, "Synagogue of Satan," because Satan now controls it. So now we can say, they say they are Catholics but are not. Same principle. Father H. Kramer in his, "The book of Destiny" one of the best books written on the Book of the Apocalypse, which I keep asking you to read. He concludes that the AntiChrist, who, "Sits in the Temple of God," does not mean the ancient temple, (Jewish) but a Catholic Church. page 307. However the very first true AntiChrist which I mentioned as the High priest Caiphas did sit in the temple and some of these AntiChrists popes have gone into Synagogues and sat there as God's of the faith, NO?.. So you see St. John was pointing to past tense, present tense and future tense. One other problem in regards with the AntiChrist is that we were all lead to believe that he was a one single individual but I discovered the reason being is their can only be one seating on the chair at a time and prove it by showing every one where in the Bible all these false popes are located and to this day NO ONE CAN DISPUTE MY FINDINGS. I hope this sheds a little light on a confusing issue but one has to understand that all of the religions, sects, countries will become in control of the AntiChrists with the help of the U.N. and so far only one AntiChirst has been part Jewish, (Paul VI?) as far as I know but that does not mean that in the future some Jewish Cardinal could get elected and take over the chair but time is growing short and the Lord made it clear that, "unless those days are shortened, not even the elect would be saved." The elect are the Catholics who take up their cross and defend all truths that God has revealed to us. Not just to defend the Rosary and the Brown scapular as the only way to victory. Grace be with you, in Christ Joseph