Monday, 15 July 2013

Drops of the Soul ... Inhabiting the Mystery Our Lady of Mount Carmel July 16, 2013 With God everything is different? "The Virgin Santísiam is compared with the aurora in the 'Song of Songs' because it is the beginning of a new creation:' Who is this that appears like the dawn? ' (CT.6, 10). With her immaculate conception, human history restarts and everything is clear again: it is a matter intact, perfectly pure and docile, which is indeed the New Adam and us with Him if we allow ourselves to recreate. Because the Blessed Virgin only waiting for our good will and, finally, the unreserved gesture truly filial abandonment to wash his innocence. To us to give us his look, which is said also in the Song, which is like a lake - ' Your eyes are like pools of Heshbon " (Ct. 7.5) - a water well clear where we are detached and freed ourselves to be flooded with divine life. "In the scheme of grace, this grace of which Mary is filled and dispensed at the mercy of her maternal love-the reward is given by merit, wealth and happiness are lavished before the test. These are the divine proper procedures. Men are incapable of this liberality because they are not good sources, but depositors fearful and fainthearted. Both in the education of our children and in our trade and our justice, we first put the conditions and the threat of sanctions, do not remember the price but after getting the job, in exchange for services or warranties. "But with God everything is different. From the moment that the sinner appeals to God, receive exactly what is priceless: Blood heritage and dignity divine son. Their heart is freed by the victory of Christ, is filled This pure triumph, and then, once armed and nobility and joy, is when invited to fight when he has to bring his work and fatigue to the extent of their forces. Such is the government of the Kingdom of God, the wisdom of the Blessed Virgin, the economy of the 'House of Gold ' "God's ways are different from ours, to the point that many times we do not understand" . We dare to believe in this dignity, in this freedom offered to us, almost got to not rely on the generosity of God. We ignore their essential gifts from the moment we abuse inferior goods. And the lack of faith and trust paralyzes us. We find the strength to follow the path we intend deflected by walking, because shyness and anxiety stifle the best there is in man. "Let's turn, then, our eyes and our hearts in perfect solitude with God; recojámonos and become aware of what He gives us what He is to us. Our strength and our patience can only be strong if over and over come from a deep happiness. "Sometimes it seems that fear recognize the holiness, as if it were a material goods of which one is deprived if another has". But this is a sentiment that is based on a complete ignorance of this reality. What is given to the saints and, first, Mary, we are also given to each of us. This is necessarily so when it comes to spiritual things, since the source from which is infinite and immediate and its essence is love: those who do not receive more than withholding nothing, rather than transmitting them without reservation. "Fill of the privileges of Mary, whose fullness She offers ...

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