Tuesday, 1 January 2013

To a traditional Catholic Try to understand where and what the word JEW means. Jew is a slang word given to the people of Judea by the Romans. The name came to reflect the last tribe of Israel and the Hebrew faith. Hence Israel (means God's people) Hebrew the religion and Jude-an, the last tribe. In order to understand the book of the Apocalypse you need to be aware of what the old testament teaches. Many of the quotes and symbols are contained in both testaments. Example, Isaias 49:10 is in Apoc: 7:16. This passage tells us that Christ will elevate the Sacraments to a higher level than the Ten commandments. Sort of like Baptism replacing the circumcision. The Book of the Apocalypse is not written in a chronological order as it begins with St. John witnessing the Second Coming of Christ then in the final chapter it deals with the expectation of the General Judgment. The book also deals in the past, present, future, physical and spiritual and at other times a combination of any of these conditions. Lets look at chapter 2:2.....but hast tried them who say are Apostles and are not....4. but I have this against thee, that thou hast left thy FIRST LOVE. (Heretics, apostates then and during the end times Ch. 16) back to 2:9 thou art slandered by those who are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. In this case all of the Synagogues who rejected Christianity became classified in this way. All those current pictures of the red Satan with the two horns, goat tie, tail and forked spear are all a reflection of the Hebrew faith. However the Catholic church became God's people and is referred to as the new Israel. That's one reason the doctors never thought that there would ever be another physical state of Israel or a rebirth of Jerusalem because they substituted the future tense of these prophecies in the Bible as the Church. Once the Church becomes taken over by the AntiChrists as a result of the Vatican II council. The true Church flees into the wideness. (Apoc. 12) and the new church now becomes symbolic with the phrase of, "Synagogue of Satan," because Satan now controls it. So now we can say, they say they are Catholics but are not. Same principle. Father H. Kramer in his, "The book of Destiny" one of the best books written on the Book of the Apocalypse, which I keep asking you to read. He concludes that the AntiChrist, who, "Sits in the Temple of God," does not mean the ancient temple, (Jewish) but a Catholic Church. page 307. However the very first true AntiChrist which I mentioned as the High priest Caiphas did sit in the temple and some of these AntiChrists popes have gone into Synagogues and sat there as God's of the faith, NO?.. So you see St. John was pointing to past tense, present tense and future tense. One other problem in regards with the AntiChrist is that we were all lead to believe that he was a one single individual but I discovered the reason being is their can only be one seating on the chair at a time and prove it by showing every one where in the Bible all these false popes are located and to this day NO ONE CAN DISPUTE MY FINDINGS. I hope this sheds a little light on a confusing issue but one has to understand that all of the religions, sects, countries will become in control of the AntiChrists with the help of the U.N. and so far only one AntiChirst has been part Jewish, (Paul VI?) as far as I know but that does not mean that in the future some Jewish Cardinal could get elected and take over the chair but time is growing short and the Lord made it clear that, "unless those days are shortened, not even the elect would be saved." The elect are the Catholics who take up their cross and defend all truths that God has revealed to us. Not just to defend the Rosary and the Brown scapular as the only way to victory. Grace be with you, in Christ Joseph

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