Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Why Sede Vacantists have the only Logical Catholic Position Unfortunately most traditional Catholics do not understand the complexity or the seriousness of the Vatican II council. That's why I give lectures, e mail and send out literature to awaken the faithful to this Diabolical Council, mainly located in the Book of the Apocalypse 9:1-3 & 18:4-5. (Pope) John XXIII is the Star that falls from Heaven. To make this as simple as possible, we need to start with Vatican Council I. This dogmatic council was held only about 142 years ago. Never completed because of a war, the V-2 Council conveniently finished it's completion. The first Vatican council dogmatized Papal Infallibility, the Primacy and Perpetuity of the Papacy. What this means and what the council is saying is, that NO POPE in the past ever Broke Papal Infallibility. That is no Pope in the past ever became a formal public heretic, (Look up Infallibility,) and we never had a break in the line of true Popes accept for an interregnum, which results from death or resignation. Oh by the way, NO Pope can be excommunicated unless he is in violation of this and past decrees of the Church. Now even though this decree took place just 142 years ago, it applies for all time. What this means is all those nasty Popes mentioned in the past, none broke these rules and we never had a break in the line of Popes even with all of the Anti Popes all through history. Vatican council I again. There was one Pope who got on the list of those excommunicated but was later corrected. (Pope Honorius 638 A.D.) The problem we all face now is explaining the Vatican II council and Pope Paul VI. Pope Paul VI in approving the decrees of this council and implementing them throughout the whole Church became the first Pope to become a formal, public heretic and he publicly ignored all of the warnings from those Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and lay people who begged him to stop. Papers available for those who wish to see. The number of heretical changes this council made are too numerous to list here but I have them and can send them to anyone upon request. So let us take one Vatican II teaching which goes against two past Councils. The Council of Florence and the 4th Lateran Council. Both of these councils decreed that no one can be saved outside the Catholic Church, (Religion). "The Vatican II church teaches one can be saved in any other religion, even none Christian religions and the Catholic Church is not the only means of salvation." You can have these documents upon request or look them up yourself. Harpercollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism (1995) and Vatican council II by Austin Flannery, O.P. Rev: Msgr. Joseph Gallagher Translation Editor. (1981) This act alone makes Pope Paul VI the first Pope to become a formal, public heretic which has, again, never happened before in the History of the Church, unless you included the Jews and the Hebrew church. However never in the History of the Catholic Church.Vatican I again, says so. So you see this is the dilemma we have and after many years of research and study I found and give the faithful the only logical conclusion that we could justify the sede vacantist position and prove it by the facts obtained in my research. The FACTS support the findings that Paul VI became and was the "Man of Sin" predicted by the Apostles and he started the reign of the AntiChrists which occur during "The Great Apostasy," for told by St. Paul which brings us into the end times and brings Jesus Christ back for the the general judgment. At the time not many understood that the Great Apostasy would last from 40 to 50 years and that there would be more than one AntiChrist, however their can only be one reigning at a time. Now I prove and show where in the Bible each one of these AntiChrist popes are, where the council is and other facts which cannot be refuted. I give more than 17 facts which can only be applied to these popes their council plus the day the general judgment will begin on. So far not one person has been able to show me another conclusion to these facts in the on going 42 years or so. God bless. Everyone is in my prayers and hope my effort in intervening to this problem help us to work together in the final days we have here on earth. P.S. Jesus Christ will not be back in 2012 except for those who die this year In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno Jan. 2, 2012 Holy Name of Jesus

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