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HOMILY SERMON ON THE FEAST OF THE HOLY FAMILY Fr. Jhonny Moya Colina CRSA Nazareth is the ideal of Christian families, and the Holy Family is a model and patron of them. Every Christian family runs almost instinctively look to the Holy Family of Nazareth and is given a particular title for the protection of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. God wanted to give families a tangible and replicable model. Jesus, who resigned from human joys, like, however, the sweetness of the home in Nazareth. Nazareth is the ideal family, because in her calm authority and without roughness is coupled with a smile and without hesitation obey, for there integrity binds to fertility, the work with prayer, good human will to the kindness God ... A light, clear and smooth, the home of Nazareth, meditate on the heavy responsibilities assumed by those who have decided to establish a home, most particularly those who are getting ready to do it this year or in the immediate future. There are moments in the life of man ... And if anyone is decisive is the time of consent for a state of life with serious obligations and absolute indissolubility. Moment, because it depends earthly happiness, and not infrequently the same eternal happiness. Is it too much to require that to be married, be prepared to do this properly? For trivial things of life, often preceded a long and expensive preparation yet, is it asking too much that precedes marriage indissoluble life and serious conscious preparation? Well worth spending the time to meditate on who decides the future of the family and the land itself and eternal welfare. *** Time for transcendence, maybe short, is the choice of a state . Time for transcendence, maybe short, the choice of spouse . And that time you will usually driven only by the blind impulse of passion, when she should go to the light of reason and faith, and with the domain that responsibility requires it contracts. The light of reason and faith, and not the unconscious impulses of passion, must be the guide in the preparation of marriage. The materialist conception of life is that even among Catholics, not infrequently leads home building. Without regard to higher standards, without worrying about the purpose for which God placed man in this life, without regard to the purpose of marriage, only serves to delight the senses, pleasure saciativo of time. What strange pleasure that purpose primarily and above all without divine law standards, such marriages result in eliminating or birth control, marital fidelity is violated, and quartered all marriage laws? By contrast, birth or frustrated, or marital fidelity is broken, or fails to comply with the duties imposed by God to marriage if the marriage contract presides over the Christian idea that God does involve the contracting of dignity of employees in the work of creation to be allocated to perpetuate the species, and this rises to natural parents to the supernatural mission of fathering children who are true children of God and heirs of the kingdom of heaven. *** With the materialistic concept of life, it is natural that the contracting of marriage or worry, or less use the aid granted by God to facilitate the fulfillment of marital duties. With the Christian concept of life, on the contrary, it is also natural that they will appreciate and use diligently all these aids and graces God has granted to the faithful compliance easier and matrimonial charges. And so, the essential point of departure in preparation for marriage is the instruction on the same line. Instruction on its nature and its essential purpose; instruction on obligations; instruction on the rights granted, instruction on the means which God has made available to the spouses so that they may faithfully fulfill their duties and in full. Premarital instruction necessary, because what will give a yes, a contract without knowing the contracting party which is what I do agree with that? Do they hire men and worthy aware and responsible, without weighing carefully the scope and contract obligations? Premarital education required, that upright and sound instruction that teaches the rights and obligations acquired by the parties, and means they can count on to meet them. This healthy religious instruction and management on Christian marriage is far from the exaggerated physiological doctrines through which some reformers of married life today are intended to help spouses, speaking of those physiological materials with which, however, learn more sin with the art of refinement that the virtue of living chastely. *** There is no denying that both the firm foundation of happy marriage, as the ruin of the unfortunate, are prepared and are based on the youth of both sexes during the days of his childhood and youth. And so there is fear that those who before marriage sought only to themselves and their things, and who condescended to their wishes even if they were unclean, whether in marriage which were before you get it, that is, we reap what we sow: ie the domestic hearth sadness, crying, mutual contempt, strife, dislikes, tedium of ordinary life, and what is worse, find themselves full of unbridled passions. Many marriages have had on the youth of the parties at the root of his misfortune! They licentious youth, professional life debauchery, flooded into the mire of vice, they have gone, from grave to grave, from alcohol to morphine, from lust to degradation cycle of refinement, what husbands can be expected when they marry? They were young, sensual, selling her body in public, no sense of shame, boasting insolence, fleeing the sacrifice and running wild after pleasure, what can go as future mothers marry? Huge influx of youth in the future married life. You have to order the youth to get happy homes. It is therefore necessary to correct the disordered inclinations, encouraging and good order, from earliest childhood, and above all we must enlighten the understanding and strengthen the will to supernatural truths and the means of grace, without which there is possible perverse inclinations dominate and achieve perfection proper education of the Church. It is impossible to subdue the passions unlit without strengthening the understanding and the will with the supernatural truths and the means of grace. And this is the sad state of much of the youth and of humanity today, having neither supernatural light in the understanding, or use effective means of grace, hence, youth and humanity are in such numbers dominated for his perverse inclinations. *** In this preparation, we can call remotely, add the proximate preparation, it belongs in a special way the choice of spouse, because from here depends largely on the future happiness of marriage, a spouse can be the other helpful to bring a Christian married life, or, conversely, create you serious dangers and difficulties. How often tragic problems of family life have the misfortune to be insoluble by booting the fundamental fact of the blunder in the choice of spouse! We proceeded with passion, at the hour of reflection, we proceeded with improvisation, at the time of preparation; and lamentabilísimamente pay the consequences. What momentous moment of the choice of spouse! On him depends very largely on the happiness of future home. Young, chosen to consort of your life in indissoluble union, not the one it will be nuisance and stumbling block to meet your obligations serious married, but that will be help and support. Lest you suffer, then, for a lifetime consequences of a reckless choice, discuss seriously wishing to marry, before choosing the person you have to live forever, and in this deliberation be aware of the consequences that flow marriage, in order, first, to the true religion of Christ, and also in order to himself, the other spouse, offspring and the future religious and civil societies. *** If parents are concerned to train their children for marriage, and young people themselves, future spouses, seek their training for this holy Sacrament, how many miseries of married life disappear, and what tragedies do not cease to exist in the home! For the happiness of a home, it is necessary that, before he had formed, preceding a Christian preparation for marriage. Preparation based on a Christian concept, not materialistic and pagan life. Preparation with serious deliberation in the light of reason and faith, on the choice of state. Preparation, with a straight statement of all marital duties, of all rights and all media to help meet them. Remote preparation, with the domination of the passions, without pandering to the stimuli of the flesh. Proximate preparation, with the choice of spouse, not by calculations of interest, but with reflection in the light of supernatural principles, and excludes mere unconscious passion and determination. *** Everything we have said has been true always, in all times and under all circumstances in which the Church and civil society have had to develop. But this is particularly important in current circumstances, which have been clearly described by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre We know that the Masonic sects goal is to create a world government with Masonic ideals, namely human rights, equality, fraternity and liberty, understood in a sense anti-Christian, against our Lord. These ideals would be defended by a world government that would establish a kind of socialism for use by all countries and then, a congress of religions, that would cover them all, including the Catholic, and that would serve the world government. There would be two conferences: the universal policy, which would lead the world, and the Congress of religions, which would go to the aid of this world government, and would obviously pay of this government. We're here, I think, at the time of darkness. We reread the second epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians, we announced and we describe, with no indication of duration, the arrival of apostasy and a certain destruction. Obstacles need to go away. The Fathers of the Church have thought that the obstacle was the Roman Empire. Now, the Roman Empire was dissolved and the Antichrist has not come. It is not, therefore, the temporal power of Rome, but the spiritual Roman power, which has happened to the Roman power temporarily. For St. Thomas Aquinas Roman power is spiritual, which is none other than the power of the Pope. The apostasy foretold by Scripture comes. The arrival of the Antichrist is coming. It's an obvious clarity. I think that really live the time of preparation for the coming of the Antichrist. It is the apostasy, the collapse of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Church leveling equality with false religions. The Church is the Bride of Christ who is God. The See of Peter and the Roman authority positions are occupied by antichrists. Rome has lost the faith. Rome is in apostasy. These are not mere words are not empty words they say. It's true. Rome is in apostasy. Rome is in darkness, the darkness of error. It is impossible to deny. We must be aware of this dramatic struggle, apocalyptic in which we live and not minimize it. To the extent that we minimize our ardor for the fight down. We become weaker and we dare not declare more than the truth. *** Here are the circumstances in which we profess and confess our faith. These joints must be sanctified and sanctifying homes their married life. Some will think this is too much and it is possible to do so. But Providence, which led to the old hand when delivered, and Joseph sold by his brothers was the first slave to come later became the superintendent and lord of all Egypt and nurturing family, the Providence, which led to the second Joseph in that same country where he denied all without knowing or people or the customs or language, and where, notwithstanding all this, he returned safe and sound with Mary and Jesus, Providence, does not have today the same compassionate kindness, the same unlimited power? What happens is that men often forget the words of Our Lord in the Gospel: Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all else will be added unto you ... Dad courageous and loyal to God that He has a right to expect of you: every effort possible staff, obedience is owed as the supreme Lord, trust in Him as to the best of the Fathers. Then you can have what you expect from Him, and He promised when he said: Behold the birds of heaven, behold the lilies of the field and do not be care for tomorrow . *** God help you, parents, that inculquéis this doctrine in the minds and hearts of your children. God grant you youth, that you bear to practice in your married life. Then we can reasonably expect that there are homes with happiness in this vale of tears; homes which comply with the high mission that God gave to the Christian family, being the Creator's partner in the spread of mankind, and the supplier of those intended to be children of God and heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. You, parents, newlyweds or you get married this year 2012, sucedéis to other households, remember the words of Ecclesiastes: Spend a generation and is followed by another, but the earth remains forever . So are new century, but God does not change, does not change the gospel and man's destiny for all eternity, not change the law of the family does not change the ineffable example of the family of Nazareth. Behold, then, that modest and humble mansion, O fathers and mothers, behold Him who believed the carpenter's son Joseph, born of the Spirit and the Virgin Mary, Handmaid of the Lord and be strong in the sacrifices and the work of of life. Kneel before them like children; call upon him, suplicadles, and learn from them how the contradictions and difficulties of family life is not humiliated, but exalted, how to not make the man or the woman or less large ones to Heaven, but worth a happiness that is sought in vain among the comforts of this world where everything is ephemeral and fleeting. *** We ended up raising our words to the Holy Family of Nazareth, a fervent prayer for each and every one of your homes, that ye abide your trade in imitation of Mary and St. Joseph, and so can educate and grow those little Christians, living members of Christ, who are with you for one day enjoy eternal bliss of heaven. May the Child Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph Good, members of Holy Family Catholic homes and bless them to dispense many graces to fulfill their sacred duties in the year 2012 begins.

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