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60 Reason Why Not Attend the Novos Ordo Mass


Without faith it is impossible to please God (St. Paul, Epistle to the Hebrews, 11, 6)

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel different from what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. (St. Paul, Epistle to the Galgate, 1, 8)

60 REASONS why, in conscience, I can not attend the "New Mass" or Mass of Paul VI, or the Modern Mass, whether in Latin or Spanish, facing the people or face the tabernacle. And, therefore, for the same reasons, continue with the traditional Mass, or Mass of St. Pius V, or Tridentine Mass, or Mass as usual.

1 .- Because the New Mass is equivocal and ambiguous. It is also used by Protestants. However, as we pray. Therefore the New Mass is not a clear profession of faith, but ambiguous. And our faith can not be both Catholic and Protestant.

2 .- Because the changes were not insignificant but "it is a fundamental restoration, I would say a total removal and, in some respects, a true new creation" (words of Monsignor Bugnini Hannibal, coauthor of the New Mass.

3.-Because these changes in the Mass, they suggest that "the truth, if believed by the Christian people, can change or turn off without infidelity to the sacred deposit of doctrine, which the Catholic faith is bound for eternity" (Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci in a letter to Paul VI).

4.-Because the New Mass represents "a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session XXII of the Council of Trent, in establishing the" canons, "provided an" insurmountable barrier to any heresy that was against the integrity of the Ministry. "

5.-Because the difference between the two masses is not just a mere detail or simply change in the ceremony, but "what is presented as new in the New Mass is a matter concerning perennial truths."
6.-For "Recent reforms have amply demonstrated that the new changes in the liturgy, only lead to total disorientation of the faithful, who already show signs of indifference and decline in their faith."

7.-time because of confusion as the current guide us the words of our Lord: "By their fruits ye shall know them." However, after the reform in the liturgy, there was fighting in the Fe and decrease the fervor of the faithful, and statistically, significantly decreased attendance at Sunday Mass, in the United States, according to the New York Times of 05/24/1976, a decrease of 30%, in France there, as Cardinal Marty, decrease of 43% in Holland, according to "New York Times" on 01.05.1976, 50%.

8.-For, after the imposition of the New Mass, "the best part of the clergy goes, right now, for an agonizing crisis of conscience, which we have countless testimonies everyday" (Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci in a letter to Paul VI).

9.-Because after the New Mass was introduced, according to statistics from the Holy See, in only seven years, the number of priests worldwide fell by nearly 50%. ([From 1969 to 1976 of 413.438 to 243.307; decrease of 41.15% exactly.) Coincidence? Where is the vitality of the New Mass? Where is the "optional renovationem totius ecclesiae" (desired renewal of the whole Church)?

10.-For "pastoral reasons adduced to support this very serious breach (with the tradition of the Mass), while having no value in any case, the reasons against teaching, do not think, by no means sufficient" (Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci in a letter to Paul VI).

11.-Because the New Mass expresses not so clear as in the Traditional Mass, Faith in the Real Presence of Our Lord.

12.-Because somehow confuses the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist with the presence in the word of the Bible and his spiritual presence among the faithful Protestant proximity errors.

13.-Because it facilitates the confusion between the hierarchical priesthood and the common priesthood of the faithful, as claimed by Protestants.

14.-For favors the theory that Protestant faith of the faithful, and not the word of the priest, is what makes being present to Christ in the Eucharist.

15.-Because, when you insert the "prayer of the faithful" in the New Mass Lutheran not only continues, but is presented as being acceptable Protestant error that all people are priests.

16.-Because the New Mass eliminates the "I sinner" of the priest, and does so common with the people and therefore favors the rejection of Luther not to accept the Catholic teaching that the priest is judge, witness and intercessor before God.

17.-Because the New Mass implies that the people "concelebrates" with a priest which is contrary to Catholic theology.

18.-Because they were six Protestant ministers who helped in their making, their names: George, Jasper, Shepherd, Kunneth, Smith and Thurian.

19.-For as Luther abolished the Offertory, because it is expressed net so sacrificial and propitiatory character of the Mass, so the New Mass is reduced to a simple preparation of the gifts.

20.-For the Protestants, without correcting its errors, can hold its dinner using the text of the New Mass. That is, they use the New Mass without ceasing to be Protestant, maintaining her Protestant faith. Max Thurian, Taizé Protestant, said that one of the fruits of the New Mass "is perhaps that the non-Catholic communities will celebrate the sacrament with the same prayers of the Catholic Church. Theologically it is possible "(La Croix, 05.30.1969).

21.-For the narrative mode of consecration led to believe that this is only a memory of the dinner and not a true and proper Sacrifice (thesis Protestant).

22.-Because of the serious omissions, suggest that this is only a meal or a sacrifice of thanksgiving only and not a propitiatory sacrifice, that is, favoring the Protestant error that the Mass is only a banquet and the priest only president of the assembly.

23.-For, with the other innovations that once served as the altar-shaped table, the priest facing the people, standing, or Communion in the hand not only gave room for abuse, but it serves the Protestant doctrine , that the Mass is only a banquet and the priest only president of the assembly.

24.-Because, as a result of all this, the Protestants, possibly making fun of us, said: "The new Catholic Eucharistic prayers have left the false perspective of the sacrifice offered to God" (La Croix, 10.12.1969). And more: "Now in the Mass renewed, there is nothing to disturb the Christian Gospel" (Siegevalt, professor of dogmatic theology at the Protestant Faculty of Strassburg).

25.-Because we are facing a serious dilemma: either we become Protestants following the New Mass or on the contrary, we maintain our Catholic Faith by adhering faithfully to the traditional Mass ever.

26.-Because the New Mass was prepared in accordance with the Protestant definition of the Mass: "The Lord's Supper or Mass is the sacred sinaxis or assembly of the People of God gather, headed by the priest to celebrate the memorial of Lord "(No. 7 of the" Institutio Generalis "of 04/06/1969, a document that presents the New Mass).

27.-Because the New Mass does not please God, who hates the things ambiguous and words of double meaning as the New Mass, which aims to please Catholics and Protestants and more to them.

28.-For who attends the New Mass, especially when accompanied by strong-tasting new songs Protestant (not to mention the guitars and drums), has the distinct impression of attending a meeting or dinner Protestant worship.

29.-For, being ambiguous and promoting the heresy is worse than if it were clearly heretical, because it is more deceptive: the worst counterfeit currency is the closest to true.

30.-Because the Holy Mass is the sacrifice of the Bride of Christ, which is the Catholic Church. Therefore can not be both the Bride of Christ and other churches or sects contrary to the true and only Christ: this would be offensive to Christ and his Bride.

31.-Because the New Mass follows the same pattern of Mass Protestant Cranmer, one of the leaders of Anglicanism and a fierce persecutor of the Church, the methods used to enter, remain, finally, traces of the English heretic.
32.-For the Church canonized many English martyrs who gave their lives for not adhering to a mass very similar to the New Mass, which was the Anglican church.

33.-For many former Protestants converted to Catholicism were shocked to see the New Mass in the same "Mass" to which they attended when they were in error. One of them (Julien Green) came to ask: "Why do we become?"

34.-Because the statistics show a large drop in conversions to Catholicism, after implantation of the New Mass and even an impressive growth of Protestant sects in the Catholic countries. For example, in the U.S., conversions totaling approximately 100.000 per year, dropping to less than 10,000.

35.-Because no saint held or attended the Mass, whereas the Traditional Mass had many saints, as Paul VI's own testimony: "countless saints nurtured abundance own piety to God by the same (Traditional Mass) ) ... "(Const. Apost. Missale Romanum).

36.-For, on the contrary, the New Mass is being instrument and occasion of the greatest delusions and desecration of the Holy Eucharist and the holy place, which happens very often. But that's not happening, according to the testimony of the Card. Renard, Archbishop of Lyon, France: "events that are held masses without sufficient respect, for example, no liturgical dress, no I think in Pater, with a charge invented, or profane full renovation, with no prayers." "It sometimes happens that there concelebrations with lay or married priests ... not over the chalice is purified at the end of the Mass, or to stop rolling over a table or altar consecrated bread particles (Vison, Messe L'Antechrist, pp. 4).

37.-Because the New Mass is, in itself, modernist, despite appearances to inoculate a new faith is not the Catholic Faith. Perfectly follows the modernist tactic of playing with ambiguities and vague terms to infuse errors. (Tactical especially denounced and condemned by Saint Pius X.)*

38.-Because there is a risk factor of unity in the liturgy, as did the Traditional Mass, in fact, every priest celebrating the Mass as it wants, under the guise of creativity. So the new "Ordo" Mass deserved to be called new disorder, because he has consistently produced. Additionally, the new Ordo of the Mass is followed almost anywhere, as presented officially, adding to its defects.

39.-For many theologians, canonists and priests respectable haceptaron no new Mass and said that in conscience they can not celebrate.

40.-Because the New Mass has eliminated many things, such as genuflections (there are only three), the purification of the priest's fingers into the chalice, preservation of these profane fingers from contact after the Consecration, the consecrated stone (Ara) and relics, the three linen tablecloths (now used only one), and many others, which only serves to confirm specifically the implicit repudiation of the Faith in the dogma of the Real Presence. ("A brief critical review of the New Ordo" of Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci).

41.-Because it is an artificially constructed and not Mass Mass enriched and perfected by a centuries-old tradition as long as Mass was codified and not invented by a pope who was a saint, St Pius V.

42.-For the translations into the vernacular version (the adopted) of the New Mass, came to increase and aggravate the errors already present in the Latin text, and so stressed over modernist character.

43.-For, because of all these errors and ambiguities of the rite, easily runs the risk of being held invalidly, thus being deprived of the true Church sacrifice, and we exposed to the wrath of God. The Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci state in the critical review, "Priests in the near future had not received the traditional training, and will trust in the new Ordo of the Mass and in his" Institutio generalis' to do what the Church, "consecrate validly? It is legitimate to doubt. "

44.-For "the Mass is there more beautiful and better in the Church ... So, the devil always sought through heretics, to deprive the world of the Mass, making them precursors of the Antichrist, who, before all , seek to abolish and actually abolish the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, in punishment for the sins of men according to the prophecy of the prophet Daniel, 8, 12:''And power was given him against the daily sacrifice, because of sin ( the people). " (Words of St. Alphonsus Liguori).

45.-Because in places where you can see the Traditional Mass, Faith and the fervor of the faithful are higher, while the opposite is seen dominated the New Mass. (This confirms the relationship of the Holy Mass in the diocese of Campos, presented to Cardinal James Knox, published in Rome, No. 69, August 1981, pp. 29).

46.-For, together with the New Mass, catechisms appeared new, new morals, preaching and new ideas, the new timetable, the new code, in short, a new church. The New Mass is a manifestation of the new Church and the central point of progressivism. "The liturgical reform is in very deep sense, the key Aggiornamento (modernization of the Church). Do not be deceived: this is where the revolution begins "(statement by Bishop Dwyer, Archbishop of Birmingham, in his capacity as spokesman for the Episcopal Synod.)

47.-For the beauty inherent, essential, of the Traditional Mass attracts souls by itself, whereas the New Mass, lacking its own attraction, has to invent new features to interest and to attract the public.

48.-Because the New Mass contains many errors and dogmatically condemned by the Council of Trent: the Mass recited entirely in the vernacular, the words of Consecration spoken aloud, by Pius VI (the same mistakes in the condemnation of the synod Pistoia) and Pius XII (condemned, for example, in his encyclical "Mediator Dei" the, altar-shaped table.)

49.-Because the New Mass attempts to perform a strong desire to transform the Judeo Masonic Catholic Church a new church, ecumenical and covers at the same time, all ideologies, all religions, truth and error. In this respect the statement is symptomatic of Dom Duschak of 11/05/1962: "My idea would be to introduce an ecumenical church ..." When asked if his position came from his diocese, he replied: "No, I find, even they would oppose, as well numerous bishops oppose. But if I could put into practice that would eventually accept "(quoted by Father Ralph Wiltgen, in" The Rhine flows into the Tiber ")

50.-For an attack on the dogma of the Communion of Saints, prescribing the removal, when the priest celebrates alone, of all balances and the final blessing, the "Ite Missa est" including in the Mass with assistant ( Brief critical review, "Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci).

51.-Because it gives more value to the altar to the Tabernacle. Now recommended to keep the Blessed Sacrament in a place apart, as if it were a relic either, so that, upon entering the Church, no longer have the Tabernacle which will immediately attract attention, but a stripped, bare table ("Brief critical examination. ")

52.-For the new rite of Mass is no longer a vertical worship from man to God, but to become a cult landscape, consider this new rite is limited to return the man to man and not the hunger to God. Besides the new church is the religion of man. Where is the glory of God?

53.-Because the New Mass, saying obedience to Vatican II, indeed even contrary to its provisions, as the Council declared that the Church wants to preserve and promote traditional rites.

54.-For the Traditional Mass, called St. Pius V has never been legally abrogated, according to the canonical laws in force (cf. Canons 22 and 30).

55.-The Pope St. Pius V granted a perpetual pardon (which was not repealed until today) that is valid for ever, to celebrate the Mass according to their mass, freely and lawfully, without any scruple of conscience and without which may be incurred in any penalty, sentence or censure (Bull "Quo Primum Tempore").

56.-For Paul VI, introducing the New Mass, did not intend to engage in it papal infallibility. It was he who declared, in the discourse of 19.11.1969, referring to the new Ordo: "The rite and the respective section in itself is not a dogmatic definition, are susceptible to a different value encoding theological ..."

57.-Because when Cardinal Heenan of England to Pope Paul VI asked whether or not prohibited the Tridentine Mass, answered that "it was not his intention to prohibit absolutely the Tridentine Mass." (Card. Heenan in a letter to Houghton Brouwer, president "Latin Mass Society").

58.-For, although we recognize the supreme authority of the Pope and his government in the Church universal, and the authority of bishops, we know that this authority can not impose the practice of that which clearly goes against the Fe : Mass equivocal and favoring heresy and therefore displeasing to God

59.-For the First Vatican Council (dogmatic and pastoral only) defines: "The Holy Spirit was promised to the successors of St. Peter for these, under the revelation of it, preach a new doctrine, but that, with attendance, and presented accurately called holy Deposit of the Faith, that is, inherited from the Apostles Revelation "(Dz. 3070). Now, by what we saw before, The New Mass conveys a new doctrine.

60.-For the heresy, particularly that which promotes it, can not be a matter of obedience. Obedience is at the service of faith and no faith in the service of obedience. In this case, "must obey God rather than men" (Acts 5, 29). IS THEREFORE AN very heavy obligation of conscience to NOT ACCEPT THE NEW MASS. THAT IS AT STAKE IN THE ETERNAL SALVATION.

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