Monday, 9 April 2012

EGO SUM RESURRECTIO ET VITA HOLY ROSARY CHAPEL FR. BROWN. EGO SUM RESURRECTIO ET VITA “He is risen. He is not here.” -Mark 16:6 The Angel found it hard to convince the women: they could not take it in: “Non est hic. Ecce locus.” Even then they could hardly realize their Lord, whose dead body they had seen lifted down from the Cross, was dead no longer -once more a living man. The Angels do not come to tell us this today, it is our holy Catholic Church! No better evidence need be provided, even the evidence of the Gospels…because the Church gave us the Gospels. The Gospels were a “diary” that the Church wrote when things were fresh in her mind. The Church was there and present when it all happened: the Church saw Him rise, lived with Him for forty days, and saw Him ascend into Heaven. It is the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ that says “He is risen and He is not here.” His risen life is not only in the glory of Heaven; but in the midst of each of you in the Church. Here in the tabernacle, here on the altar at Mass, the very risen Body that came forth from the Sepulcher! As Christ rose from the dead so we also will rise with Him from our sinful nature to a new life, if we allow the grace of Christ to work within us. If we repent with our whole heart of ever having offended Him, and purpose to live united with Him in this world, the day will come when we can never separate ourselves from Him again. Are we permitting our personal interests and pursuits from getting in the way?
Now that He is risen, now that He is present here on our altar, do we truly realize the great gift He has given us? Will we now have a change of heart and make God and the life of grace our primary goal?

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