Saturday, 26 June 2010

by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L. © October 2007 MAETA

"The upper clergy are under a diabolic delusion" - Sr. Lucia of Fatima.

Let’s understand what she meant and how the clergy, allegedly of the Latin Rite, have "satanized" the liturgy, so much that they now present the satanic simulation of the most holy in the sanctuaries of "Christ’s Church." It would seem that after Vatican II, the following prayer must have been prayed to Satan in order to bring down such diabolic delusion upon and among the bishops of the West, that those who were called by God to be upholders of his Apostolic Tradition became instead "usurpers" who fostered into reality the abominable desolation. "Come, Unholy Spirit, inspire us to implement liturgical destruction and perversion unto the abominable desolation in the sanctuary."

The Evil Spirit of Vatican II

We know that the "Fathers of Vatican II" never intended to vernacularize the Canon of the Latin Mass. The "Latin Rite Canon" was "off limits."

The Canon is the Holy Ordered Christ-instituted priest’s prayers, which define Divine Liturgy. Now, the new canon is what (words and doings) defines "Newchurch’s" community prayer service—that which used to be the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or the Christ-instituted Divine Liturgy. Therefore, the Canon of Tradition defines the Liturgy as the Divine Liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Now, the new canon defines the liturgy as it is in the new service, most appropriately: a new canon, a new service and thereby a new religion and a new church, which is not Christ’s Church, the Catholic Church of One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic (and Orthodox) Tradition.

Who created "New Mass?" Whose "mass" is now said in establishment churches? Is this new liturgy and church effective unto salvation from Hell? Bishop Cranmer created the first apostate set of mass-mocking services. Bishop Bugnini used Cranmer’s work. (His committee was composed of six Protestant liturgical apostates and two docile and spineless priests).

Bishop Bugnini’s new liturgical baby resembles Bishop Cranmer’s liturgical baby. There is no difference in meaning, theology or religion, between the Novus Ordo stable of liturgies and the Lutheran-Anglican liturgies. Why? They both have the same daddy. Christ instituted the canonized liturgies of the East and of the West. Satan instituted the Protestant and Novus Ordo Liturgies.

What’s this "Novus Ordo?" It’s on your one dollar bill. It’s the Satan-inspired New Age of Man (without God, and thereby with and of Satan). It’s Russia’s Errors (as Fatima warned) made "flesh and blood." It’s Satan’s mock-mass liturgy—a great source of implementing his anti-Christ kingdom on earth. Is this not the Abominable Desolation? Go into your local church, there you’ll find the grossly unholy in the place designated for "Christ’s most Holy Sacrifice and Sacrament" to happen through the valid semper ubique idem "words and deeds" of a "Holy Ordered properly functioning Christ-priest."

In God’s Holy of Holies (His Sanctuary on earth) now stands the Abominable Desolation, the Novus Ordo presider/facilitator of Satanically-inspired and oriented Novus Ordo mock-mass services. Within the Latin Rite Patriarchate (the Patriarchate of Pope/Patriarch Benedict XVI) such laymen operating in place of the bishop (in loco episcope) have replaced "Holy Ordered Christ-priests"— men who ex officio do Divine Liturgy (and the priest-dependent sacraments) in persona Christi (not as episcopal reps and collaborators). [Only that which is from Christ–Christ’s Divine Liturgy–through His properly functioning valid Holy Ordered priests is effective unto salvation from Hell. Only Divine Liturgy (Mass and Sacraments) is the Christ-designated way to receive graces unto salvation.]

Is this Satan’s greatest victory or can things get liturgically worse?. What once was Black Masses will be replaced with Satanically simulated Latin Masses. The Canonized Latin Mass Ritual will be sacrilegiously simulated by invalid Novus Ordo "facilitators/presiders" (those commissioned as lay presiders of community prayer).

God sent Christ the Saviour– His Sacred Heart active and alive (comes among us until the end of time) through Holy Ordered priests properly saying Canonized Divine Liturgy (Latin or Eastern). This is God’s Salutary Economy in this the age of the Holy Spirit. It is the age of the Holy Spirit because it is the power of the Holy Spirit which provides graces for/from Christ’s Divine Liturgy.

Every Protestant or Novus Ordo mock-mass sacrileges and blasphemes God’s Salutary Economy. How long will God allow this, the greatest sacrilege of all times, the Abominable Desolation? All conjectures along these lines are useless, redundant and irrelevant. God will not be thwarted. Each will be eternally frustrated or fulfilled. This is reality! Each is real!

Wake up! See the awesome truth! We live "under" the worst bishops in the history of the Latin Rite Patriarchate. What can each do in the era of a "new mass" and "Newchurch" so as not to be eternally damned by God?

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